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  • Welcome to the FNL Pilots Association Website
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  • Officers and Board:
  • President: Steve Wolf
  • Vice President: James Hays
  • Secretary: Larry Wilson
  • Treasurer: Howard Abraham
  • Board Member: Deb Montgomery
  • Board Member: Jason Kopp
  • Board Member: Malachi O'Neill


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Current News

Colorado is a leader in the development of the Blended Airspace System. Click here to learn more.

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Lots of new improvements are scheduled for KFNL. Become a member of FNL Pilots Assoication and keep up to date.



Welcome To Our Website

Mission Statement
  • Attend public meetings and offer our support and expertise to promote the continued use of the Airport.
  • Provide a forum for pilots to express their concerns and ideas.
  • Act as a channel through which others can communicate with the pilot community.
  • Promote aviation related education for pilots and the general public.


Runway 15/33: 8,500 feet long, 100 feet wide

(Runway 33 preferred for takeoff and landing with winds 5kts or less any direction)

Crosswind 06/24: 2,273’ x 40’

High-intensity lighting

Direct, no-delay, all-weather ATC approaches


Based aircraft: 245

Hangars: 210

Full service FBO with jet fuel and avgas



KFNL Live Cameras

KFNL - Fort Collins-Loveland Airport - W, Mummy Range, CO KFNL - Fort Collins-Loveland Airport - SW, Longs Peak, CO KFNL - Fort Collins-Loveland Airport - NW, Laramie Mountains, CO

(Thanks to Airportview.net for supplying the feeds)