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  • Officers and Board:
  • President: Steve Wolf
  • Vice President: James Hays
  • Secretary: Larry Wilson
  • Treasurer: Howard Abraham
  • Board Member: Deb Montgomery
  • Board Member: Jason Kopp
  • Board Member: Malachi O'Neill


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Our Team Bios:


Steve Wolf - President:


     I learned to fly at the Fort Collins Downtown Airpark in 1990. My family moved to the East Coast in 1993, and found our way back here in 2008. While I was away I bought a 1973 Cessna 182.

     I was Secretary of FNL Pilots Association from 2010-2013. During that time I ran three e-votes to update our by-laws in 2010 (updating our mission statement), 2012 (defining how to replace retired officers and how to recall board members), and 2013 (officially consolidating our organization's name as "FNL Pilots Association"). I stepped aside at the end of 2013 to allow some other people the opportunity to serve.

     Since 2011 I have been the AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer for FNL. ASN volunteers are the eyes and ears of AOPA, and serve the association to report on the health of local airports. I think this is an important role, and have served as ASN volunteer at my local airports in three different states since the program began in 1997.

     I volunteer in the leadership of Cessnas2Oshkosh, the group that organizes one of the mass arrivals to Oshkosh AirVenture each year. I have led training clinics for C2O both here in Colorado and in Washington State.

     I am a past board member of Cessna Pilots Society, an online forum interested in maintenance, flying technique, and in meeting in person around the country through various flying activities. CPS has an official get-together each year at a different location; last year I hosted 49 members at FNL.

     I've been married to my best friend Julie for 36 years, and we have two married daughters and a grandson. I'm a software architect for Pelco by Schneider Electric, a large international conglomerate headquartered in France. Its Fort Collins lab designs state-of-the-art security cameras. I represent Pelco on an international standards committee called ONVIF.

     I look forward to renewing my service to FNL Pilots Association, and to increasing the interaction among the diverse group of pilots and business people who call FNL home.


James Hays - Vice President:


     James and his wife Jennifer have lived in the Northern Colorado area for over 12 years.  In 2003, he decided to follow a childhood dream and learn to fly at the Fort Collins-Loveland airport (FNL) and the now closed Fort Collins Downtown airport (3v5).
     James owns software development and professional development companies and uses aviation as a way to expand his local reach to a national level.  Now, with two daughters, he’s also able to use aviation to keep his kids better connected with grandparents and other family members living at a distance.
     Having not taken his first flight until he was in college and not having access to General Aviation until after college, James and his family now love the lifestyle that only aviation can provide.  They have dedicated themselves to helping others fulfill dreams of flight through aviation events such as "40’s Forever”, The EAA Young Eagle’s, other local flying events and aviation evangelism.

Larry Wilson - Secretary:


     As my email address states, my youngest son Aaron, wife Connie and I are licensed pilots. Aaron received his license in May 1999 the month be graduated from high school. Larry was next in August and Connie received her ticket in December of 1999. We all trained and flew from Ankeny, IA (IKV) airport just north of DesMoines.
     Larry has is not currently flying but hopes to get back to the skies very soon. Larry retired from Hawkeye-Security Ins in DesMoines, IA in February 2002 after 22 years of service and after Liberty Mutual Ins purchased our company.

     Larry came to CO in April of 2003 to be Sales Mgr. for Community First Bank Ins Agency in Ft. Collins. Aaron joined me in June after graduating from KS State and attaining employment as an A&P at Firewall Forward at FNL. Connie followed us in May of 2004, retiring from her Special Education teaching profession. Connie and Larry have been members of the FNL Pilots Association since 2006.

HowardHoward Abraham - Treasurer:


     Retired HP Engineer/Special Projects, Married, two daughters living in the area and two granddaughters. He took flight training at Reid-Hillview airport south of San Jose, CA (1970), rented, and flew throughout California and the United States from The Flying Country Club (Reid-Hillview).
     Howard began frequenting FNL airport after transferring to Colorado from California in 1972 (renter), was a partner in a 1962 C-210B (1973), got his IFR rating (1973), bought a 1974 C-210L (1995), obtained his Commercial License--IFR Rated (2001) and has been happily flying from FNL throughout. After renting a city-owned hangar for a long time, he now owns a hangar in the Fort-Love Hangar Association.
     Howard was a founding father of the FNL Pilot Association in late 2004 (held the position of resident Curmudgeon) and has been active in the Association ever since. He was past Secretary and President, and is now Treasurer. Howard has actively supported the Collings Foundation July activities and other activities sponsored by the Association throughout each year.


personel bio picDeb Montgomery - Director (term ends January 2019):


     I am the General Manager of the Ft Collins- Loveland JetCenter and have been employed in the aviation industry for the last 23 years.
     I started working in aviation at Dallas Love field; working as a customer service representative at Aviall and then as an office manager for Aero Instruments. After moving home to Colorado, I have enjoyed working for the Denver JetCenter at Centennial airport for the last 14 years. I worked as the Customer Service Manager and was promoted to Manager of Human Resources and Payroll for all of the JetCenter locations, gaining 4 years of valuable human resource experience. I recently accepted the position of General Manager at the Ft Collins-Loveland JetCenter where I have been since October 2012.
     I have been married for 26 years to Steve who loves aviation as well and is employed as an A&P Mechanic for Standard Aero at Centennial Airport. Additionally, I have a great passion for photography and have been afforded the opportunity to provide the JetCenters with pictures and marketing materials for the company website, correspondence and other social media needs. When I’m not taking pictures I enjoy elk hunting, camping, riding horses and spending time with my nephews.
     I love the aviation industry and can’t imagine doing anything else. I look forward to getting more involved with the people and organizations at FNL and look forward to seeing this airport community grow.


MalachiMalachi O'Neill - Director (term ends January 2018):      


     Malachi has been with Mountain Aviation for 7 years and is currently Manager of Business Development. Mountain Aviation is headquartered at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC), and they manage and operate aircraft across the region including Centennial (APA), Vail (EGE) as well as right here at Ft. Collins / Loveland (FNL). He and his family have lived and worked in the Northern Colorado & Ft. Collins area since the early 90’s. He began his career at Mountain Aviation as a part-time Fuel Coordinator, moving into full-time Flight Coordinator and eventually as Flight Operations Manager before moving into his current role. Malachi is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Aircraft Dispatcher, and Multi-Engine and Instrument-Rated Commercial Pilot. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Technology from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Minor in Meteorology.  He is very active in the aviation community throughout Colorado and on the Board of the Colorado Aviation Business Association.
     Malachi’s initial aviation experience came as a hang gliding pilot and instructor near the dunes at Kitty Hawk where the Wright brothers first flew.  Malachi is a dynamic team and relationship builder with Employees, Colleagues, and Clients, which is a key to business development success.  He is an avid fly-fisherman and reader, and enjoys physical training.  In the summers he is often water-skiing or on trips--hiking, climbing, or multi-day white water rafting & kayaking--with his family.  In the winter, Malachi also skis with his family.
     Malachi looks forward to working with the FNL Pilot Association to solidify and grow the economic contribution that FNL airport provides, specifically to the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins, but also to the entire Northeastern Colorado area. When FNL remains a strong, viable airport in this area, everyone benefits…GA pilots and aircraft renters and owners, aviation businesses and passengers, city officials and managers, and the citizens.  


JasonJason Kopp - Interim Director (term ends January 2017):


Jason Kopp is the Chief Pilot of Blue Ocean Aviation and moved to the area with his wife, Angie, and three children in 2010. In this role, he oversaw the development and growth of a new aviation flight department and now leads a team of aviation professionals that provide consulting, management, pilot, and maintenance services.

Previously, Jason worked as a plastic injection moldmaker for 5 years before acting on his life-long passion for aviation. After flight training and providing flight instruction, he was hired at ExpressJet Airlines as a First Officer for two years before upgrading to Captain his remaining four years there. He worked with the pilot mentor program at the airline, which provided guidance to new hire pilots during their first year. It was during this time he saw the importance of instilling leadership, integrity, and flight safety qualities in the next generation of pilots. He is an ATP licensed pilot with multiple type ratings and over 7,500 hours of flight time.