Meet our members

Henry SchaurHenry Schauer has always been fascinated with airplanes having built and flown numerous simple balsa wood control line models powered by ubiquitous 049 2 stroke glow fuel engine.

Flying an actual plane was the farthest thing from his mind. His parents were WWII refugees that escaped with just the shirts on their backs and money was tight. He satisfied his love for heights by becoming a technical climber, making numerous climbs on Long’s Peak, the Tetons, and the Cascades, a hobby no doubt inspired by his mother who was from Switzerland.

Henry came to Colorado to earn his PhD at the University of Colorado and be close to the mountains that had become such a key part of his life. After graduation he began his employment in the High Tech industry working in integrated circuits and later networking technology. Between work and his two sons life got very busy and throwing a quick climb or bike ride in on the weekend was about all that was possible.

That was all about to change when his oldest son, Michael, showed an intense interest in aviation at the earliest of ages. He began flying RC airplanes at 10 and spent countless hours flying Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. When Michael reached the legal fixed wing flying age the inevitable happened and he became a private pilot and then a CFII. Henry was his first student and as they say the rest is history. Henry is fond of telling people that he taught his son to drive, but his son taught him to fly and since his son is a way better driver than he is a pilot he obviously did a better job.

Henry just retired from 40 years in the High Tech business and owns a 1966 Beech Debonair which he loves flying to see friends and relatives and flying over some of the climbing routes that he has done including numerous climbs on Long’s Peak, the Tetons, and the Cascades.

He is currently the president of the Fort Love Hangar Association here on the field. His oldest son, Michael, is now a Captain with Spirit Airlines and his other son, Kevin, is presently at the University of Miami completing his PhD in Marine Biology. Dad is very proud of his sons and is willing to bore you to tears telling you all about them if you give him the chance.

View from the right seat

So you pilot types that don’t always have to fly the “big box stores in the sky”, miss out on the little things in life. Like after settling down into your seat, and getting the flight attendants approval that you have indeed fastened your seat belt correctly, learned where the nearest exits are and know that your seat can become a flotation device in case of emergency, are now ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It isn’t long until you’ve reached into the pocket of the seat in front of you and pulled out that magnificent full colored, slick paper magazine, that dreams are made of. You know the one. It’s jam packed full of things you never knew you wanted until you saw it listed and now you just have to have it.

Like the 25 pair shoe turn tower! It’s an elegant wooden tower with 5 levels to keep your shoes off the floor! Great invention! I happen to have a closet for those things though, but with a furniture quality birch veneer and a rich walnut stain, maybe I should invest in a $249.95 Shoe Tower!

Oh, no wait! There’s more! How about a Weed Killing Steamer for $249.95! Never knew steam killed weeds! See it’s educational too!

Or how about the remote controlled Giant Tarantula for $29.95? That would go well with the 2 story inflatable black cat for $199.95. How can I say no to that! The head sways from side to side and has illuminated piercing red eyes! That should guarantee no trick or treaters this year. Gotta have one of those.

Oh here ya go. As someone who has suffered from Planter Fasciitis I NEED these socks!  After all they are light weight and have an adjustable hook and loop strap that gently pulls your toes towards your knee while you sleep. They allow your skin to breath and they fit either foot! How cool is that?! But as some one who sleeps on their tummy, I’m afraid I would be sleeping on my tippy toes all night with my heels stuck in the air imitating little tents that would only encourage my cat to pounce upon them every time I moved.

Ok, so maybe not, but there is an 8 foot inflatable Elsa, that my 3 year old grand daughter would love! She is the cryokinetically gifted princess from Frozen, resplendent in a flowing blue gown, lit from within highlighting the snowflake pattern on her gossamer train that captures the ambient glow of a snow covered yard. So gotta have that one and at $149.95 it’s a steal!

“Would you like something to drink?” I hear the flight attendant ask.

“Why yes.” I answer and promptly close the magazine and store it away for the next passenger to dream and fantasize about. Who knows. Maybe he really does need a genuine fake walnut shoe turn tower!

Warbirds Visit Update

Thank you all for giving up your July meeting so that we could concentrate on the Collings Foundation tour stop this year, with their B-17, B-24, B-25, and P-51.

It was a huge success! The crowds were the biggest they have been in several years! It always amazes me that people will come year after year and stand in the hot sun to tour these big birds.

A huge thank you to all of you who volunteered your time, your planes and your days off to make this such a success!!

We’ll do it again next July!

Look Out… Above

Just three short years ago the FAA-Denver TRACON (Metroplex) developed new airspace procedures to enhance safety and efficiency with the help and input of all user groups (Airline/Charter/Business-Private General Aviation) to not only benefit Denver International Airport (DEN) but all the surrounding airports and communities as well. Unfortunately, the Metroplex has now developed new arrival procedures for the benefit of DEN that will drastically affect users in the area.

What does this mean for Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL)? The new BRNKO arrival is being proposed to fly over or near Greeley (GXY) and FNL at 10,000′ and 9,000′ MSL respectively, then track over the Longmont (LMO) and Boulder communities on the way to Centennial Airport (KAPA). Centennial is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country which means FNL and surrounding communities will see much more high speed traffic crossing overhead at only 4,000′ AGL. IFR operations could be impacted with the lower altitudes of this arrival. The VFR corridor between BJC and FNL is already saturated and now will be compressed even more from above.

Jason Licon, FNL’s Airport Manager, is fully aware of the challenges that this could create for all users of our airport. Jason is currently working together with the airport managers at APA, BJC, LMO, and GXY and involved with the FAA to ensure current and future growth of FNL will not be impacted with these changes. Representatives from Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA), and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), along with state representatives, are also actively engaged with the proposed changes and how it will affect our communities and airports.

This Is Your Association

We’ve been getting unsolicited feedback from a few of you over the past months about how things are going with FNL Pilots Association, your airport advocacy group.  We’ve received many good comments on our monthly Pilot Refresher Courses.  The members who have talked with officers or board members have told us that our choice of topics and the presentation of those topics has been well received.  If you have an idea for a topic or know of a relevant presenter, please share with us.  This is your Association.

In concert with the local EAA chapter, we’ve started an EAA-sponsored IMC Club for instrument pilots and those that aspire to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions.  We meet the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the jetCenter hangar, watch a quick video that describes a particular IFR scenario, and then discuss what we would do in that situation.  Participation earns you a WINGS knowledge credit.

We had a BBQ last Saturday (August 13) to encourage pilot socialization.  Airport Director Jason Licon gave us an update on what’s happening at our airport.  We want to do more of these social events, and would also like to see more of our members attend (we had a turn-out of about 30 members out of almost 150 of you).  It’s “free” food (paid for by your dues).  This is your Association.

One or more of our officers and board attend meetings of the Northern Colorado Airport Commission, the Colorado Aviation Business Association, and the Colorado Aeronautical Board.  We monitor the activity of these various groups with an eye toward our members.  Additionally, we get an airport update from Jason Licon or his staff at our monthly Officers & Board meetings.  It’s our job to represent your interests.  This is your Association.

We use our periodic newsletter to keep you informed and up to date on FNL.  If you want to see us cover something that we’re missing, let us know.  This is your Association.

Our contact information is on our web page.  Feel free to contact any of the officers and board if you have a question, comment, or concern.  This is your Association.