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From Arrow to Airplanes

Aug 15, 2019  

Every once in a while whether you are flying or hiking, you may run across a large concrete arrow. You immediately wonder where they came from and if they served a purpose. The simple answer is yes they served, and in some cases still do serve, an important service. These large concrete arrows, some as large as 70 feet long, […]

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Howard Abraham

Jun 21, 2019  

Howard is from Wisconsin, his wife Diana is from Ohio. They met in California while he was a summer intern at HP and she was visiting friends. They dated long distance while he finished a couple of Engineering Degrees at University of Wisconsin, married and moved to California, had two kids in San Diego. His California girls as he calls […]

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Flying in Severe Weather

May 20, 2019  

Severe weather is described as either an inch or greater hail and 50 knots or greater wind gusts. One old texts say ¾ inch but in recent years it was changed to 1 inch. What does it take to build a thunder storm? 1. Unstable atmosphere. 2. Moist atmosphere (clouds) 3. Lifting mechanism (continental divide, fronts, thermals) The life cycle […]

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Why we fly and the places we should go

Apr 11, 2019  

Why we fly? According to Bill Standefer, and I’m sure everyone here, … because it’s fun! Where we fly? Sometimes we forget there are some pretty cool places out there that can be broken down into 3 categories. Places you can go in a day, places you can go for a weekend and those that are longer trips. Some of […]

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Bill Standerfer

Mar 21, 2019  

Bill Standerfer Bill has been flying almost 50 years having gotten his first certificate in 1970 at Jeffco in a brand new Cherokee 140. He started in May, soloed at 8 hours and got his certificate at 37-38 hours later that August. When asked how he got into aviation he said one day a friend of his came up to […]

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