Airport update from Jason Licon

Jul 31, 2017  

Regarding the FAA and the name change, they are hoping for either June 22nd or Aug 17th to coincide with the 56-day airspace cycle they have for publications. In the mean time, logos on shirts, equipment, and some of the logos have begun to be changed up and down Earhart. As you come into the airport you will see a new […]

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Normalization of Deviance

Apr 24, 2017  

“Normalization of Deviance” is something that has come up in the past with a bunch of different accidents and is often associated with NASA. The first time Bill read about it was after an accident back east in 2014. The definition is described as people in the organization have become so used to deviant behavior that they no longer consider […]

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Mass Arrivals 2017

Mar 22, 2017  

On a normal day Oshkosh usually lands a plane a minute. Last year during our mass arrival, they landed 75 Cessnas in about seven minutes. General Aviation used the E/W runway and the mass arrivals used the N/S runways, which allowed for normal operations during the mass arrivals of 125 Bonanzas, 75 Cessnas, numerous Moonies and Cherokees. Bonanzas to Oshkosh […]

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BasicMed Program presented by Dr. Fahrenholtz’s

Feb 19, 2017  

According to the FAA, the United States has the world’s most robust general aviation community and the BasicMed rule will keep pilots safe, simplify regulations and keep general aviation flying affordable. Until now, the FAA has required an online application and a physical exam by a FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner but as of May 1, 2017, the FAA issued […]

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Annual Meeting

Feb 8, 2017  

Steve Wolf presided over the annual FNL Pilots meeting, announcing the agenda as: Membership Finances Review of the last year Elect new officers and board Preview for the upcoming year Airport update from Jason Licon Time for Q and A Close meeting Lunch James Hays gave us an update of last years memberships comparing 2016 and 2017 to date.  Membership […]

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